Bombadilla video is out!

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Finally we can show what we’ve been up to in Spain! The video took 8 days to film and we’re so proud of it! Our team was Christer who was directing the video, Francesco who was helping out with camera and production, Marita who was responsible for clothes and makeup, Felipe our mentor and interpreter and of course our managers Mads and Bjarte that was doing all the rest!

The first day actually started off really bad as we were shooting the opening scene and the drone crashed! The car we were going to use didn’t show up and everything got late. Luckily for us our manager Bjarte managed to find a super cool Firebird from 1969 and it was much cooler than the car we were suppose to have. The drone got fixed and we got our scene. Puhhh. The day after we shot the big ending scene where we had invited 80 people from different places in Spain and over 160 people turned up. I was soo much fun. So much fun that the police turned up and at a point we were afraid we had to shut the whole thing down. But they were great. They actually wanted to stay and see the whole video being made. Thanks to the Norwegian School in Royales for showing up and to Sara who were a star!  The rest of the music video was shot in 9-10 different places but only 5 other places got into the video. At one point a love making couple almost made it into the take….living the Bombadilla life for sure.

One place we drove over 2 hours to a secluded place where we were suppose to shoot on top of a large building but the landlord suddenly said no. Luckily we found the place with the three circles which was a old restaurant that was shut down years ago.

The video turned out great and we want to thank everyone who joined in and especially Blvck O!

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