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2017 has been a new start for us. Eric joined the band. We’ve released two new singles and again we are as hyped for the future as ever. Bombadilla is something special for us. We had this idea for a while and that was to do something with the words Bombadilla Life. A song with the same name was released in 1989 by a group called Franklin and it became a big hit in Scandinavia. It gave a feeling of summer, living on the edge and having fun. Bombadilla is not a word you’ll find in a book, but still it describes so much.

We wanted to use the word BOMBADILLA and make a new strong summer song.

During writing the song we came up with the idea of having a rapper on the second verse and our manager came up with the coolest and best rapper in Norway; Blvck O. What a guy! He performed so well and right for the song that we literally jumped out of our seats the first time we heard it.

Bombadilla had come to life!

Now it’s up to the song to make people happy. Make feet move. Make everybody smile.

Have a good summer 2017!



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  • Hørre sangen om og om igjen. Me ein gong eg sette den på komme smilet mitt fram. Sjøl om eg e i dårlig humør får eg t å smila av denna sangen. Søster mi på 3 år går og synge “bom bombadilla bom bombadilla bom bombadilla life” heile tio. Når eg setter den på mens eg e me Hu blir da liksom bare ein fest haha. E sjuk stolt over dåke og sangen! Dåke e gode! Elske dåke asså❤

  • Stine Jørgenvåg on

    Elsker elsker denne sangen! Stolt av dere! <3

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